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Market News and Analysis

Create a bulletproof trading strategy by basing it on the latest market news and daily market analysis the FasTrading Market Analysis Team provides you.

Economic Calendar

Easily review the financial events and announcements which are due by making use of the FasTrading Economic Calendar. By using the pre-set filters, you can easily review the key announcements which affect your trading strategy.

Daily Market News

The FasTrading Market Analysis Team has years of experience when it comes to trading the markets, and they use their experience to pinpoint various trends that are happening. From technical to fundamental analysis as well as sentimental analysis, our Market Analysis Team has you covered on all the market bases.

Daily Market Analysis Videos

The FasTrading Market Analysis Team produces excellent market analysis videos for you daily. Our team reviews the markets and go on to explain what you should be looking for and which trends can play a major part in the way you trade. Our market analysis videos are produced on a daily basis, and we welcome traders to leave their questions in the comments section. The best questions will receive an answer from our analysts in the following video.

Pip, Profit & Margin Calculators

Our range of trading calculators provide the tonic needed when it comes to becoming a better trader. Calculate your potential profits, how many pips you’re looking to make in a trade, as well as the margin needed to execute a trade, all from within our range of trading calculators.

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